Adaptive Insights

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Premium BizApp

The OneCloud Adaptive Insights BizApp provides the bi-directional functionality to import and export cube data and metadata. The bi-directional integration capabilities enable OneCloud to facilitate an exchange of data from a variety of source and target systems including various ERP and business intelligence systems.

For documentation on all available commands, see the Adaptive Insights Command Reference.

Need a specialized Adaptive Insights command?

If there are specific Adaptive Insights operations that your company is looking to perform, please contact [email protected] to discuss the requirements and we would be happy to consider adding the capability to the product. Adaptive Insights has an extensive API and most internal operations can be automated.

Connection Setup

OneCloud connects to Adaptive Insights using basic authentication to the Adaptive Insights REST API.

To integrate with Adaptive Insights from OneCloud, you'll need to navigate to the connection manager to create a connection.

From here, choose Adaptive Insights from the service drop-down and select the appropriate Runner. Now, enter values for the following fields:





The login name of the user invoking the API method. This user must have a role containing the permissions required for the method being invoked.



The password of the user invoking the API method

Instance Code


If the user specified in the credentials has access to more than one instance of Adaptive Insights, this attribute can be used to specify that the user is intending to access an instance other than their default instance. If not speciĀ­fied, the user's default instance will be used. To determine the available instance codes, use the exportInstances API

Connection Example

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Adaptive Insights

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