GroundRunner Configuration

OneCloud GroundRunners are execution agents that perform integration and automation tasks on remote computing environments that run under Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris (Unix) environments.

Download the GroundRunner

The first step to configure a GroundRunner is to download the installer from the OneCloud application website. OneCloud users with the role of administrator can navigate to the administrative area of OneCloud. Follow the path Admin > Runners > Downloads.


  • In order to take full advantage of the features of the OneCloud GroundRunner, we require Java (version 8 or higher) to be installed. Click here to download Java from Oracle's website.

Note: When installing Java, you may encounter the terms JDK and JRE. Only the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is required in order to use the GroundRunner.

Admin Access

If you do not see the Admin option on the left-hand side of the OneCloud interface, then please speak to your OneCloud administrator.

From the Downloads page, you can select the right GroundRunner based upon your operating environment. A company token is required to set-up the GroudRunner and you can find your autogenerated company token on the Downloads page.

Choose Installation Path

Based upon the operating system where the GroundRunner is hosted, choose the appropriate installation path:

Register & Activate the Runner

After the installation and start of a GroundRunner, the GroundRunner will try to connect to the main OneCloud service. When this connection is successful, a new notification will appear in the OneCloud console and the new Runner will need to be activated and registered.

Name the GroundRunner

Runner Naming Convention

As a best practice, name Runners in your organization something descriptive, but not too long. Good examples are:

  • acme-GroundRunner
  • acme-CloudRunner

Once the new GroundRunner is registered, it can be used by OneCloud Connections and will appear in the Runner dropdown as an available service:

GroundRunner Configuration

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