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Core BizApp

Connector to FTP and FTPS servers. With this BizApp commands are provided to download, upload, copy, move and list files on an FTP server.

For documentation on all available commands, see the OneCloud FTP & FTPS BizApp Command Reference.


OneCloud FTPS

A connection to connect to FTP servers through both encrypted and non-encrypted connections.


HostnameTextFieldThe hostname of your FTP server.
PortNumberFieldThe port to connect to
UsernameTextFieldThe username to connect with.
PasswordTextFieldThe password for the FTP user.
ProtocolDropdownFieldThe protocol to use
PROT ValueDropdownFieldWhen connecting using the FTPS protocol, data transfers can either be encrypted or not encrypted. Some servers require that the data transfers be encrypted, in that case select 'P'

Connection Example

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