Welcome to OneCloud

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Basic Concepts

OneCloud offers a host of powerful features that enable users to build integration and automation workflows without any programming required. Here we will cover some of the basic concepts in order to get you started on the platform.

Terminology and Concepts

Before you start building, it's important to familiarize yourself with some of the building blocks and core terminology of the platform.

Workspace Setup

From here, you'll learn how to add and manage a Workspace, which will serve as the home for your OneCloud chains.

Chain Management

Once you have your workspace up and running, you can start to string commands together and build out chains. Here you'll learn about the types of commands available on OneCloud and how you can connect these to create powerful, seamless automation for your enterprise landscape.

Self-service automation

Now that you have your chains ready to go, do you want to try running one on-demand? Here, you will learn how to execute your chains on the fly with a simple click, via messaging platforms like Slack or External Execution Link (API).

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Welcome to OneCloud

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