Google Drive

Core BizApp

The OneCloud Google Drive BizApp enables OneCloud to interact with Google Drive to perform various tasks such as upload, download, move, search and delete files as well as create and delete folders.

For documentation on all available commands, see the Google Drive Command Reference.

Need a specialized command for Google Drive?

If there are specific operations that your company is looking to perform with Google Drive, please contact to discuss the requirements and we would be happy to consider incorporating the capability into OneCloud.

Connection Setup

Creating a Google OAuth 2.0 Client ID

OneCloud connects to Google Drive via the REST API. In order to automate functionality within Google Drive from OneCloud, you'll need to create an OAuth 2.0 client ID. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to Google API & Services
  2. If this is your first time in this console, you will need to create a Project. Click "Select a project" in the top left and a modal will appear.
  3. From here, select "New Project" and you'll be given a simple prompt to choose a name. If you are part of an organization as part of your G-Suite, you should associate this project with your organization so that others will be able to access it.
  4. Navigate to the API & Services -> Credentials area.
  5. Next, select the "OAuth consent screen" tab. Make sure you set you application to "Internal" and that you add "" to the list of authorized domains - no other fields are required. After you've added the domain, make sure to hit Enter. Be sure to save when you are finished.
  6. Navigate back to the Credentials tab and click "Create credentials"
  7. Select OAuth client ID
  8. Select Web Application and click Create
  1. Provide a name for the ID
  2. Enter the value of the Authorized JavaScript origins*:
  3. Enter the value of the Authorized redirect URIs:
  4. Click Create to access your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret

After the Google Client ID is created, simply return to the Google API Services for future access to the Client ID and Client Secret.

Enabling API Access

The final step before you can start using Google Drive in OneCloud is to enable API access. Open the navigation menu on the top left and select "Library" (see screenshot below).

Once you're in the Library view, there will be a search page. Select "Google Drive" once you've searched for it and you should see a button called "Enable" to enable API access. Click this button and you will be ready to start using Google Drive with OneCloud!

Creating a OneCloud Connection

In order to automate functionality within Google Drive from OneCloud, you'll need to navigate to the connection manager to create a connection.

From here, choose Google Drive from the service drop-down and select the appropriate Runner. Now, enter values for the following fields and click Connect.



Choose a GroundRunner or CloudRunner

Client ID

Copy and Paste the Client ID from the Google API Services

Client Secret

Copy and Paste the Client Secret from the Google API Services

When you click Connect, the following flow should appear:

Be sure to enable pop-ups, as Google will need to confirm a few choices.

Select an account to authenticate against.

If the account authenticates, allow authorization for future usage.

Confirmation of success.

If successful, a similar confirmation will appear inside of the OneCloud connection setup:

Finalize the setup of the OneCloud Connection by enabling the connection in certain workspaces and environments.

Google Drive

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