Salesforce to Anaplan via Custom Report

A simple way to load Salesforce Data to Anaplan is to use a Salesforce Custom Report. This approach avoids having to write complex SOQL queries to combine data together from one or more Salesforce Objects.

In this tutorial, you will fetch the data of a simple Salesforce report called "Opportunity Report" using the account details from the prior step where you created the Salesforce connection. This report is a tabular report that combines three Salesforce objects including Opportunity, Account, and Contact.

Step 1: Create a OneCloud Chain

  1. From OneCloud Home select the DEV environment.
  2. Add a new Chain and name it "Upload Salesforce Report to Anaplan".

Step 2: Add a command to run a Salesforce Report

  1. Select the Salesforce Connector and select the Download Report.
  2. Name the command: "Salesforce Opportunity Report".
  3. Use "Opportunity Report" for the Report Name.

Step 3: Upload Salesforce report output to Anaplan

  1. Add a second command to the Chain to upload the query output to Anaplan.
    When adding the Command, choose Insert between and Success
  2. Select the Anaplan Connector and select the Command Upload File.
  3. Name the Command "SFDC Report to Anaplan".
  4. Set the Workspace parameter to the variable "anaplan-workspace". (select from variable list)
  5. Set the Model parameter to the variable "anaplan-model". (select from variable list)
  6. Set the Server file parameter to "Salesforce Opportunity Report".
  7. Set the Source file parameter to the Response from the "SFDC Opportunity Report" Command "Custom Report CSV". (select from variable list)
  8. Set the Header records to "1".
  9. Save the Command.

Step 4: Publish and Run the Chain

Before the Chain can be run, it needs to be published.

  1. Publish the Chain, clicking the diskette icon in the Chain editor.
  2. Navigate to the Monitor area of OneCloud by clicking on the plane taking off on the lower right corner.
  3. Run the Chain.

Step 5: Confirm the data in Anaplan

  1. Login to Anaplan and find the Import Data Source "Salesforce Opportunity Report".

Salesforce to Anaplan via Custom Report

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