Salesforce to Anaplan via SOQL Query


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In the prior exercise, you ran a Salesforce Custom Report and uploaded the CSV format to Anaplan. In this exercise, you will do something very similar but substitute the custom report command for a Salesforce SOQL Query. SOQL queries are indeed more complex than reports but also provide added flexibility in how the data is extracted

Step 1: Copy the Chain

Some of the setup of the Chain "Upload Salesforce Report to Anaplan" can be reused and in this case, it is easier to copy the Chain.

  1. From OneCloud Home select the DEV environment.
  2. Copy the chain "Upload Salesforce Report to Anaplan".

Step 2: Edit the Chain

  1. Select the "Upload Salesforce Report to Anaplan -- Copy" and edit the Chain by selecting the ellipse on the right side.
  2. Edit the Chain properties and rename the Chain to "Upload Salesforce Query to Anaplan".
  3. Save the Chain properties.

Step 3: Delete the First Command

  1. Drag the "Salesforce Opportunity Report" from the Start.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Command and select the trash can icon to delete the Command.

Step 4: Add Salesforce SOQL Query

  1. Add the first Command and select Salesforce-->SOQL Query operation.
    (Hint: use the Find tool to search for "Salesforce" and then search for "SOQL".)
  2. Add the Command by dragging on to the pallet.
  3. Select the new Command and drag it to the Start. The Chain Start will show a plus icon indicating that you can use that command as the start of the Chain.
  4. Edit the new Command SOQL Query.
  5. Copy the following query and paste it into the field Query.
SELECT Id,Name,Amount FROM Opportunity

Step 5: Update the Upload to Anaplan Data Source

The second command of the chain needs to be updated to use the new output of the first command.

  1. Rename the Server File to "Salesforce SOQL Query".
  2. Update the Source File by first removing the "Not Found" reference and then selecting the "SOQL Query Output" from the variable menu.

Step 6: Publish and Run the Chain

Before the Chain can be run, it needs to be published.

  1. Publish the chain and then click Execute to run the Chain.
    Learn more about publishing a Chain.
  2. View the interactive outputs.

Step 7: Confirm the data in Anaplan

  1. Login to Anaplan and find the Import Data Source "Salesforce SOQL Query".

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Salesforce to Anaplan via SOQL Query

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