Microsoft SQL Server

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The OneCloud Microsoft SQL Server BizApp enables OneCloud to natively integrate with the Microsoft SQL Server relational database. Combining the ability to perform relational operations across other applications including Workday, NetSuite, SAP, and performance management applications such as Anaplan, IBM Planning Analytics, Host Analytics, and Oracle EPM allows OneCloud customers to tightly and bi-directionally integrate their relational systems with other applications.

For documentation on all available commands, see the Microsoft SQL Server Command Reference.

Need a specialized Microsoft SQL Server command?

If there are specific Microsoft SQL Server operations that your company is looking to perform, please contact to discuss the requirements and we would be happy to consider adding the capability to the product.

Connection Setup

To enable OneCloud to interact with a relational system, you'll need to navigate to the connection manager to create a connection.

From here, choose Microsoft SQL Server from the service drop-down and select the appropriate Runner.




The username to authenticate with.



The password to authenticate with.

Connection URL


The connection url. (e.g jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433)

SQL Server Port

The default Postgres port is 1433 but could be different depending on your environment.

SQL Server Connection Parameters

Visit Microsoft's SQL Server documentation to learn more about additional connection parameters that can be leveraged.

Connection Example

The following is an example of a working connection. Please substitute your own values.

Microsoft SQL Server

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