Oracle ARCS

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Premium BizApp

The OneCloud BizApp for Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service is a point & click solution to easily connect and automate Oracle ARCS with an array of cloud and on-premise technologies. OneCloud offers Oracle ARCS application-specific functions that include the ability to execute jobs related to importing balances, transactions, rules, exchange data, execute business rules, generate reports, run Data Manager jobs, and bi-directionally convert Oracle ARCS native EPM Cloud format to & from standard CSV. When combined with other technologies that OneCloud supports, the possibilities become endless and truly enables a scalable, maintainable and auditable approach to automate your enterprise.

For documentation on all available commands, see the Oracle ARCS Command Reference.

Need a specialized command for Oracle ARCS?

If there are specific operations that your company is looking to perform with Oracle ARCS, please contact [email protected] to discuss the requirements and we would be happy to consider incorporating the capability into OneCloud.


Oracle ARCS

Basic authentication connection to ARCS:



Service Name


Name of the Oracle Cloud service to which you are connecting

Domain name


Oracle Cloud domain

Data Center


Data center in which your Oracle Cloud service resides. This can be found in the first part of the URL before (i.e. us2).

User Name


Oracle Cloud user name



Oracle Cloud password

Application Name


Oracle ARCS application

Connection Example

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Oracle ARCS

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