OneCloud for Oracle EPM Cloud Quick Start


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OneCloud has some very convenient features to help with the integration, automation, and management of your Oracle EPM Cloud environment. These features can be combined with other touchpoints that OneCloud has with various technologies including Salesforce, Tableau, Workday, NetSuite and relational databases.

This Oracle EPM-focused quick start guide will walk you through setting up OneCloud so that it is optimized to work with Oracle's cloud technology. Not all sections need to be completed, but some do build off of work from the completion of prior sections.


How do I get access to OneCloud?

We have made it easy for people interested in OneCloud to get access. Simply visit to spin up your own full-use trial of OneCloud.

If your company is already a OneCloud customer and you would prefer to use your primary OneCloud environment for this tutorial, then please contact your OneCloud system administrator to ensure you are added to a security group with Workspace administrator access. Please contact [email protected] if you require additional guidance.

TaskSummaryTime EstimateRequired
Configure your OneCloud WorkspaceCreate Workspace variables and create environments for LCM.5mYes
Create an Oracle EPBCS ConnectionCreate a standard connection to Oracle EPBCS to exchange data, run Data Management jobs, perform conversions and other administrative tasks.10mYes
Create an Oracle Analytics Cloud ConnectionCreate a standard connection to Oracle Analytics Cloud to exchange data and perform other administrative tasks.10mYes
Create a Source Text File ConnectionAccess source data for the various exercises.5mYes
Create a Relational ConnectionCreate a connection to either an Oracle or SQL Server relational database to query, load and execute commands.5mYes
Part 1 - Load from Flat File to EPBCSLoad a sample text file to EPBCS as a cloud staging file15mOptional
Part 2 - Transform Base Source DataLearn how to transform data with OneCloud30mOptional
Part 3 - Convert to Oracle Cloud EPM FormatTransform tabular data to Oracle's native Cloud EPM format20mOptional
Load OAC from RelationalLoad a sample text file to OAC as a cloud staging file15mOptional
Synchronizing Data between EPBCS and OACExport and transform data from EPBCS to load into OAC15mOptional
Chain PromotionLearn how to promote a chain from one environment to the next.10mOptional

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OneCloud for Oracle EPM Cloud Quick Start

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