Oracle Relational and ADW

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The OneCloud Oracle (Autonomous Data Warehouse) ADW and Relational BizApp enables OneCloud to natively integrate with these relational systems. This ability can then be combined with other business intelligence applications including Tableau and Power BI, performance management applications such as Anaplan, IBM Planning Analytics, Host Analytics, and Oracle EPM and systems of record that include SAP, Workday, and Oracle Financials, to allow OneCloud customers to tightly and bi-directionally integrate their Oracle relational systems with other applications.

For documentation on all available commands, see the Oracle Relational and ADW Command Reference.

Need a specialized command for Oracle Relational or ADW?

If there are specific operations that your company is looking to perform with Oracle relational or ADW, please contact to discuss the requirements and we would be happy to consider incorporating the capability into OneCloud.






The username to authenticate with.



The password to authenticate with.

Connection URL


The connection url.
Standard Relational:

Oracle ADW

To use this connector with Oracle ADW you will need to use the Oracle Wallet provided with the database. It should be noted that when using the Oracle Wallet, the following files needs to be added as resources to the connection. The TNS_ADMIN parameters accordingly point to the location of these resources that are accordingly used at runtime.

  • cwallet.sso.lck
  • ewallet.p12.lck
  • cwallet.sso
  • ewallet.p12
  • keystore.jks
  • sqlnet.ora
  • tnsnames.ora
  • truststore.jks

Oracle ADW TNS_ADMIN path
The TNS_ADMIN path points to the location where the resources can be found. As these resources are a part of the connection, use the following conventions based upon the type of operating system of the host GroundRunner.

  • Unix-based: TNS_ADMIN=./
  • Windows-based: TNS_ADMIN=.

Note: If connecting to Oracle ADW via a CloudRunner, then use the Unix-based convention.

See the connection example.

Default Oracle Relational Database Port

The default Oracle relational database port is 1521 but could be different depending on your environment.

Oracle Relational Connection Parameters

Visit Oracle's documentation to learn more about additional connection parameters that can be leveraged.

Connection Example

Oracle Relational and ADW

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