Organization Settings

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Each OneCloud organization, also known as a tenant, can be configured with specific settings that meet your company's security requirements. These settings can only be configured by a designated OneCloud tenant administrator.

Organization Settings

OneCloud currently provides the following configuration security settings:


Whitelisted Email Domains

Specify the whitelisted list of email domains that can be invited to your organization.


Whitelist IP Addresses

Specify the whitelisted IP addresses that can access your organization. The convention used is based upon CIDR notation.

Example: would open up the range from -
The /24 means that the first 24 bits are static

Please see this article to learn more.

Session Timeout

Specify the amount of idle time in minutes before users are automatically logged out.

Enable data masking

Toggle the default behavior to mask command outputs that could contain data. This is an organizational setting that can be overridden on a command by command basis.

Need a specific security setting?

If there are specific security settings that your company is looking to see beyond what OneCloud currently supports, please contact [email protected] to discuss the requirements and we would be happy to consider incorporating the capability into OneCloud.

Accessing Organization Settings

Access the organizational settings by simply navigating to Admin -> Org Settings:

Note: At the top of the Organization Settings, you will notice a Referral URL. Each OneCloud tenant has a unique URL which ties into OneCloud's reseller program. For most OneCloud clients, this setting can be ignored.

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Organization Settings

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