Workspace Setup

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A workspace is a grouping of related workflows that encapsulates multiple environments for different sets of users and applications that are integrated. Workspaces are an important way to allow OneCloud to be deployed for different purposes such as the following table depicts:

Use Case


Various integrations to support the corporate financial planning & analysis team

Anaplan, NetSuite, Relational

Finance management team

Sales Operations

Various integrations to support the territory & quota management

Salesforce, Oracle EPBCS

Sales management team


End-to-end integration of the corporate data warehouse and management of the Tableau environment.

Relational, Tableau

Reporting team

Additionally, workspaces are a powerful way to segment OneCloud security groups for different OneCloud users and administrators, store variables and can be enabled for different technologies.

Add a Workspace:

  1. Select Home from the left navigation
  2. Select the plus icon in the lower right corner

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What's Next

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Workspace Setup

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